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Our company is active in the pharmaceutical market since 2000, operating in the areas of production and marketing of generic pharmaceutical products as well as in the marketing of novel medical devices.


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Vocate Pharmaceuticals SA is a privately owned pharmaceutical company located in Athens-Greece. It was established in 1996.

Since then, our company is present in the Greek pharmaceutical market with generic pharmaceutical products and novel medical devices. We are present in both the private sector as well as in hospitals, covering with the said the therapeutic needs of physicians of almost every specialty.

Our products are manufactured in facilities located in Greece and abroad. These facilities are carefully chosen to ensure high quality products in compliance with cGMP guidelines. Furthermore, they all are ISO certified. At the same time, our storage facilities are also certified by the authorities in order to ensure the best conditions for the storage of our products.

Our company is active in the following areas:

  • Production and marketing of pharmaceutical products that are manufactured in Greece, as well as, in other European countries.

  • Marketing of pharmaceutical and medical device products, representing established European and US companies.

  • Export business

Our effort is to constantly prepare and register new products, in order to keep up with the new developments of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our company currently employs 80 people: 60 people comprising our sales force that covers all territories of Greece and 20 people in the warehouse and administration.


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Starting in 2000, Vocate was established based on two principles: trust towards its products and the reliability of its company name.

Ten years later, we continue to serve the health care system providing high quality products.

We try to be present in every new development of the pharmaceutical market, with new partnerships and new products.

We maintain our optimism, despite the difficulties that our country and our field face. We stand close to the Greek doctor and patient, providing them with reliable pharmaceutical products.

We believe in our potential and we strive on…



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Our company is developing its export business, which is an integral part of our growth.

Vocate is present with its products in countries like Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Honk Kong and others.

In a short period of time, the registration process of our products will be completed in other countries.

Our wish is to establish new partnerships inside and outside Europe, in order to expand our export business. 

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Address: 150 Gounari str. 166 74 Glyfada Athens Greece
Phone: +30 210 9624436
FAX: +30 210 9646582
Email: info@vocate.gr

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